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Please follow our rules and enjoy the show!

Rules and Regulations of the Super 322 Drive-In Theatre

  • Set your radio to 88.5 FM or 640 AM. No loud radios tuned to another radio station or playing your own CD's or cassettes.

  • SPEED LIMIT on the grounds is 4 mph.

  • NO ADMISSION TO THE GROUNDS prior to the scheduled opening time. All patrons must go to the ticket office and purchase their tickets before entering the field.

  • RE-ENTERING RULE: Anyone who must leave before the show is over because of an emergency and wishes to return must retain their ticket subs.  When you return, stop to the right of the entrance, walk to the ticket office and show the cashier your ticket stubs and they will instruct you to re-enter through the exit.

  • UNDERAGE DRINKING is a violation of the law and will result in fine and lose of your driver's license.  We DO NOT condone underage drinking or any other violation of the law.  The Management of this theatre wants everyone to enjoy themselves within the framework of the law.

  • ANYONE FIGHTING or screaming loudly will be expelled at once.  No weapons of any kind are permitted on the grounds.

  • NO ALCOHOLIC beverages permitted in the snack shop or restrooms.  No kegs or glass bottles are permitted on the grounds.

  • Barbecue grills or open burning of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on this property.  This includes fireworks.

  • No smoking in the snack shop or restrooms.

  • You must wear shoes at all times.  Although we have gone to great lengths to pick up rocks, sticks, etc we cannot be responsible for injuries resulting from falls on the grounds.  Please be careful where you step and keep in mind this is an outdoor environment.

  • Parents are responsible for their children.  Know where they are at all times.

  • Car hatches may be opened no higher than the roof of the car.

  • Please put your trash in the cans on either side of the snack shop.

  • Please apply your parking brake for everyone's safety.

  • For your safety, no one is permitted to sit or lie on top of a vehicle.

  • Dogs must be on a leash.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Dog walking is permitted along the back row and each side of the field, but not in the play area in front of the screen. 

  • We, at the Super 322 Drive-In Theatre ownership, management and staff assume no liability for any personal property damage caused by our patrons.

  • No outside food or beverage permitted unless you are displaying your OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE PERMIT on your dashboard. No sharing of your outside food or beverage with those who came in another vehicle unless that person also purchased a permit. Permit fee will double when you are caught in violation in the field. Permits are purchased at the ticket office upon entering. We exempt baby food and an open bottle of water you may have on your trip to the theatre, but a cooler full of water is not allowed and requires a permit. No tables permitted! We do not allow tables as this is not a picnic area; it is a movie theatre!

  • Any violation of the above rules can result in expulsion without refund.


Thanks for your cooperation,
The Management

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