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The Super 322 Drive-in Theatre was opened on May 26, 1950.  Built by the Theodore Grance Outdoor Theatre Co., ownership changed hands a few times until being bought in the 1970s by Royer and Favuzza from the Bellefonte area. They made improvements including AM radio; the Super 322 was Pennsylvania's second drive-in to add am AM radio sound system.  The removal of external speakers increased capacity to about 650 cars. In the 1980s, FM stereo sound capabilities were added.

While Favuzza and Royer owned the drive-in, Bill Frankhouser began working as projectionist, as he had worked previously for Mr Royer at the Midway Drive-in. Bill had been in the theater business since he was in high school. He worked in Clearfield, PA for years at indoor theaters, then in Altoona, PA working at various theaters, then to State College where he worked until he went to the Midway Drive-in. Bill, as a union projectionist and stage worker, had 35 years experience. Bill worked 3 years for the Clearfield County sheriff's Department, then took a job with the PA Dept of Transportation as an operator, then a highway foreman. He worked for 30 years for the highway department dealing with the public. At the same time, he was working at the Super 322 as projectionist and maintaining the equipment. Also, from the mid-1970's Barb was employed by the Clearfield County Controllers' Office as a bookkeeper, then office manager and administrative assistant. Somehow during this time, she was able to attend Penn State by enrolling in evening classes and earned her 2BA in Business Administration, Accounting. She also worked as a tax practitioner, first for a major company for 20 years, then on her own for 15 years. during this same time she worked at the ticket office at the Super 322. Barb worked over 37 years in the Controllers Office assisting department heads and co-workers as well as the general public. During this time when Bill & Barb were working there regular jobs and the drive-in, they saved for what was to be their mission-purchasing the Super 322 Drive-in.

 After working for over 20 years at the theater, Bill Frankhouser, together with his wife Barb, purchased the Super 322.  They have also made improvements including a new marquee complete with a colorful neon sign.  In 2001, the Super 322 Drive-in Theater was granted eligibility to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the Pennsylvania Museum Commission.  In 2005, one the original neon signs was back in use after being restored.  It features pink neon.  The entrance lights have been replaced as has been the entire fence at the back of the field.  The ramps have all been graded and re-shaped so you can enjoy the best view of the big screen.  The ticket booth was replaced in 2010. The Super 322 opened for the 2014 season in digital, having the projector holding the record for the brightest light on the planet!! 

It is very obvious that they have a passion for keeping the drive-in alive for many generations to come. They love working with all people, especially their patrons.


Each show is a double feature beginning after sunset.  Featured films are first-run, family-friendly, and very affordable.   A full concession stand serves visitors with a variety of traditional drive-in fare.  No matter what the weather, the show goes on!

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